Dealing with Overload

Over the past year, I’ve been struggling to keep my head above water. I have over committed – teaching three university classes, finishing my textbook, homeschooling my son, driving my other two kids around, cooking dinner most nights, staying healthy, assistant coaching two robotics team, participating in the search for […]


I found this amazing quote from Peter Drucker: “For development is always self-development. Nothing could be more absurd than for the enterprise to assume responsibility for the development of a man.  No business enterprise rests with the individual, his abilities, his efforts. No business enterprise is competent, let alone obligated, […]

Education and the Young Male Population

“In 2015, 22 percent of lower-skilled men aged 21–30 had not worked at all during the prior 12 months.” ~ Erik Hurst.  That’s nearly a quarter of young men without a college degree do not have, and have not had work in the past 12 months.  And it’s getting worse.  […]

The Thinker

When to Rely on Experts

Stephen Hawking is an amazing physicist. His incredible career spans theoretical work in black holes, quantum gravity, and the beginning of the universe. He wrote a popular physics book called A Brief History of Time, which sits on my bookshelf. Today, he currently works as the Director of Research at […]

Big fat hairy goals

In 2003, I ran my first and only marathon.  During that race, I discovered an important lesson about those biggest of goals, those big fat hairy goals that look scary because they are so big. In the January of that year, I decided to tackle the Chicago Marathon. I know going in, […]

marathon goals

Purpose to get out of bed

The Only Reason to Get Out of Bed

“In order to be in control of your life, you have to have a purpose—a productive purpose.” ~ Ayn Rand, Playboy Interview Every morning, I get out of bed. It may seem like a small, innocuous event. Yet that one small act is profound. I could just lie there, mind […]

Financial Thinking – Limit Your Focus

In part 2 of my series on financial success, I dig into how I think about personal finance concepts.  Not only do I need to know myself, but I need to know how property, money, time, and energy interact to improve my wealth and well-being. Of course, wealth is only […]

Gold assets

Broken finances

Financial Success Starts with Knowledge of Yourself 2

My finances are a mess.  It’s been 1 year since I last reviewed my retirement portfolio.  4 years since I set a monthly budget.  Each month, we bleed cash on lots of little things – birthday parties, clothes, gymnastics, a new chair, new workout equipment, the latest book by Orson Scott […]

Stackable goals

Stacking goals for the new year

With a new year looming, many of us take time to re-evaluate our goals and resolutions for the coming year.  Often however, these resolutions fall flat.  Why?  Because we set ourselves up for failure.  We promise to do our best. We set unclear goals.  We don’t make ourselves accountable.  When […]