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Get what you want by Ken West
I was delighted recently by the book I read by Ken West, called Get What You Want!  In this book, you will find the best set of questions ever compiled for answering how to “get what you want” from life.  Starting with your dreams and your passions, this book asks pointed questions to get you to think about what motivates and drives you.  From there, it delves into questions to help you identify purpose, goals, and tasks for achieving those dreams and passions.  Lastly, the book helps you to avoid the proverbial crab bucket and prioritizing your dreams, goals, and tasks to get started today.

This book is light on theory and explanation.  In many ways that is good, because it allows you to jump straight into the questions and start refining your life.  If you are looking for the extra depth, look elsewhere, like our post on writing 5 year goals.  But from the thinking we have done on purpose, goals, productivity, reason, and success, Mr. West hits a bulls eye with this workbook.  It starts with your highest values – those things in your life that mean the most – that motivate your every waking day – that bring a twinkle to your eye.   From there, it logically progresses to finer detail that can be implemented in your day to day life.  It asks just detailed enough questions to get you to think, without restricting your thoughts in ways inconsistent with your dreams.

Our recommendation: Unless you are one of the few that has a clear purpose in life, this book is an invaluable resource.  Get it to help you learn how to get everything else that what you want!

About John Drake

John Drake is an associate professor at East Carolina University. While pursing his PhD in management information technology and innovation, John learned the art of high productivity through setting difficult goals to achieve unending success. John is a student of Objectivism, an advocate of Getting Things Done, a parent of three, a husband, a writer, a business owner, a web master, and an all around cool guy. His professional site is at http://professordrake.com

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