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Don Watkins

Don Watkins, founder of Good Copy Coaching.

I recently had the honor of interviewing Don Watkins on “Success in Writing.”  What does Don know about writing, you might ask?  For starters, his first book, Free Market Revolution, became a national bestseller.  He is a columnist for and has published a number of op-eds in national newspapers.  He’s also regular blogger at Laissez Faire.

Don recently launched Good Copy Coaching where he lays out his secrets for writing success.  In this interview, Don shares some of these secrets.  It begins with his personal experiences with writing, from his struggles to his inspirations.  It follows with top-notch advice on how to become a great writer.  If you want to learn how to transform your writing skills to effectively communicate to others, this is a great place to start.

Some of the highlights of this interview:

  • How to write more in less time
  • 3 techniques you can use to improve your writing
  • Don’s top 3 resources for improving his writing
  • Don’s 3 biggest struggles while writing his book
  • The keys to getting published
  • The reason why good writing (and communicating) leads to success
  • The key skills to successful writing
  • The biggest thing you can do today to improve your writing

Links to things we talked about in this interview:


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