About Us

Reason for Success was founded by John Drake after years of seeing personal development gurus struggle with developing an integrated and grounded system for person success.  What were they lacking?  An objective philosophy that clearly articulates how a morality of rational self-interest is necessary and sufficient for integrating the entire field under one umbrella.  

Success is not based on luck, but on reason.  Reason leads to the necessity of purpose in seeking values.  Purpose leads to a continual focus on productiveness in creating those values.  Productiveness requires focused thought, positive habits, and efficient systems.   The result is pride, the internal measure of success.  These core tenets establish the foundation of Reason for Success – to help others achieve success through reason, purpose, and pride.  

John Drake, an associate professor of Management Information Systems at East Carolina University, developed a passion for personal development while completing his PhD.  During those grueling 4 years and with limited time and resources, he discovered how to focus his mind, optimize his environment, and accomplish more with less through value dense activities.  This passion for personal development meshed with his passion for Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand.  Through careful study of both fields, Professor Drake developed a research stream in business ethics and decision making that guides his understanding of the world and how to live in it.  His other passion for e-commerce provides the context of his research, the focus of his teaching, and the ultimate decision to share his findings through this website.