Success through Reason, Purpose, and Pride

Cover of Success through Reason, Purpose, and PrideReason for Success is proud the make this e-book available for our readers.  It consists of a collection of our best essays – updated and expanded for this publication.

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Success Through Reason, Purpose, and Pride.


“Success and happiness in life are not based on luck, but on reason.  In order to live, we must have values – reason being the most important and essential value among them.  The fact that our lives are conditional upon our actions and that our actions are best served with reason leads to the necessity of purpose in seeking values.  Purpose requires a continual focus on creating those values – on productiveness.  Productiveness requires focused thought, positive habits, and efficient systems.   The result is pride, the internal measure of success.  These core tenets establish the foundation of Reason for Success – to help others achieve success through reason, purpose, and pride. “