The Limits of GTD 1

For several years, I have used David Allen’s Getting Things Done.  Yet, it never ran quite as smooth as I would have liked.  Recently, a friend explained why she struggled with GTD.  Parts of the conversation really struck a cord with me.  With her permission, I share her story below. […]

5 Year Goals Review and Next 5 1

In 2009, I wrote a set of goals for the coming 5 years.  As I re-read those goals this morning, I realized to my great delight that I had accomplished all of them.  Over the last 5 years, I nailed it.  Here’s how. 1. I have published (or have under […]

Hacking OneNote 2013 for Getting Things Done

Over the past few years, I have occasionally tried to optimize the software I use for my “Getting Things Done” (GTD) system developed by David Allen explained in his book of the same name.  Recently, I made some changes to OneNote 2013 for just that purpose.   I loved them […]

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Spending your time wisely

Every morning, I have an accountability call with a friend to ensure I stay focused and on task.  One of the questions I have him ask me is how many times I checked Facebook and Email unnecessarily the day before.  It was a great idea, but I found myself consistently […]

The Best and Worst Jobs 2

In 1996, I dropped out of college and worked at the worst job in my life.  During those miserable 6 months, I became an employee at an antique mall.  Not that there’s anything wrong with antiques, but the job sucked.  Particularly, one of the positions.  In that position, I was assigned to sit […]

Progress not Perfection 3

“Progress not Perfection” is a popular saying of my friend and colleague Dr. Paul Schwager, the associate dean of the College of Business at East Carolina University.  While some people might think this saying is an excuse not to be your best, Dr. Schwager is actually promoting a view of goals that […]

Great Books for Inspiration and Knowledge Part 1 – Literature

Success in thinking requires knowledge, both depth and breadth.  The depth of knowledge can only be defined by your personal interests and needs.  However, to get a large breadth of knowledge requires weeding through the millions of published books to find the true gems.  This six-part series is designed to […]

How to be Super Productive as a Parent 2

For many years, my obsessive drive to be super productive became my norm for living. I worked 40-50 hours a week at a job, then came home and worked another 20-40 hours on side projects. When all of the work was done, I pursued intensive play. Rarely was there a […]

Work-Life Boundaries, not Balance 2

You may have noticed over the past month that the number of posts I wrote for Reason for Success has been smaller than in the past.  This was due in part to my struggles with identifying the appropriate work/life balance. Guess what I found out.  Thinking in terms of balance was […]

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Review: Your Brain at Work by David Rock 1

These days there’s no shortage of things to worry about, events to plan, places to go, things to do, and we start it all again the next day. At the end of the day we are exhausted, sometimes swearing we were so busy we couldn’t get anything done! Our brain […]